COVID-19 Prevention Procedures

· Over 90% of our current and future projects will not be affected.

· All repairs/leaks can be handled, residential and commercial.

· Most roof replacement and many other exterior projects can be still completed.

· We’re complying with the updated order to keep our crews at 5 people or less.

· We are practicing social distancing while at work.

· All our estimates and projects are 100% No Contact.

· All crew members are equipped with respirators masks, goggles, gloves and any other needed safety equipment.

Your Safety and the Safety of our crew members are our Top Priority

1st Round Masks Giveaway

On Saturday, May 9th, ROOF4ROOF, a residential and commercial remodeling contractor based in Carlstadt NJ, gave away 10,000 masks in an effort to help our community ‘Stop the Spread’ of Covid-19. Distributing some of these masks to local businesses and municipalities May 6-8.

“Since NJ and NY are the areas impacted most by the virus, we decided that giving away reusable, washable masks was the best way we could help our families and community keep the spread minimized. We realize that we still have months of uncertainty and sacrifices ahead, but we will remain safe, vigilant and Jersey Strong.”

Over the last 10 years, Roof4Roof and its founder, Chuck Anania, has provided free roofing, emergency home repairs and other assistance to over 1,000 families, in New Jersey and overseas. As Chuck often says:

“We all need to make a living but we also want to make a difference.”

If you missed our first round, see a glimpse of our first 10K Mask Giveaway:

Inspiration for our Mission

The Roof4Roof family has lost a beautiful, generous, wonderful friend and team member due to this COVID-19 pandemic.

Guy Sole was a man who brought smiles and a warm heart to everyone he met. He is our inspiration for this 25,000 mask give away. It is our way of giving back, in his honor, so that as few lives as possible will be lost during this crisis.

I would also like to share that I am a survivor of Covid-19 and very blessed to be here today. When you know you are given another chance at life, your priorities become clear again. Serving and giving back is our best chance to bring hope to our community and to those we love!.

May GOD Bless America and all
those affected by this pandemic.

Chuck Anania, President and Founder

Welcome to our 2nd Round Masks Giveaway

From Monday, June 30th, we will be mailing and delivering free face masks to your location of convenience. Please fill out the following form or send us a text message at 866.921.8004 to receive masks.

Keep in mind that this offer only applies within New Jersey and it has been limited to 6 masks per household.

25,000 Total Masks Distributed

(15,000 next week +10,000 already distributed in May 9th)

Free Masks Delivery

“We realize that many of us have lost loved ones, co-workers, and friends
but the ones who remain here must work for a better tomorrow.
We do not know what lies ahead but we must keep AMERICA strong and our families safe.”

Help us STOP THE SPREAD and keep Jersey Safe!